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Beginners Guide to learning SEO

Beginners Guide to learning SEO

So you want to know how you can start searching engine optimisation, what skills you need to develop and so on and so forth. The above are questions I get frequently; but don’t you think that it might be a bit overwhelming? You can always find the right answer in this article!

Beginners Guide to learning SEO


You have probably heard of Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is one of the best tools for your website to survive on the Internet as well as for SEO strategies. This is an important tool used by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu so they could easily show your page when people start asking about keywords related to your particular business. Many of these algorithms are based on machine learning models to show your webpage to users on any device they may use! And because of all this hype, many beginners end up struggling to understand how it works, let alone how to achieve high rankings. Well, you are not the only one! In this guide, you will find everything you need to know before you begin using SEO. Also, you will discover some techniques to improve your ranking in search engines and learn more about which pages on your site should be highlighted in search results. The goal of this post is to help, not instruct. And even though we are aware that anyone can do anything with Google until he or she understands something, we can tell you the truth, most beginner pages in the search results do not convert well into organic traffic. This means your content is not going to rank in the searches unless you optimize them in our articles. So if you want to succeed, follow the instructions mentioned here and see what happens?

What Is An SEO Strategy?

An SEO strategy helps you to reach out to targeted users in a way so that they find and keep your content within their reach every time they type the words “SEO.” But since most people start doing keywords research only after they have identified the problem but not knowing that they need to search for solutions or keywords, then the result of keywords research is very low! For example, if you write about SEO tips, and do keyword research before you write, you will find that the page on the first page of google will be much lower compared to pages where you just wrote the information from other sources. Now ask yourself “What is the problem here?” There are lot of problems related to search engines such as the following common ones:

Search Engines Can Not Rank Pages Based On Their Domain Name

Google does not allow users to change their domain name after publishing content. In order to make sure that you can search for a given keyword using your previous keyword, you have to use 2-3 letters of your last name domain. Otherwise, the URL of your page or blog will automatically link to your previous blog. As a consequence, there are chances that your old blog could be placed a few places higher than your homepage in the search engines. If your website contains several pages, then you have to rewrite those pages too.

Your URLs Have Broken Link Building

Most websites, especially WordPress one, has broken links. For example, Google thinks that you should have at least 10 backlinks and also create at least 1 social media account. However, the reality is that you can have 30 or 40 backlinks. Because of all these requirements, your pages do not appear in the Google search engine results unless you rebuild those links.

Your Content Does Not Deserve A High Ranking

You should not spend hours and days writing lots of detailed description about how your products can solve every single problem of everyone. This should not be your focus. Focus on what your product is great for and how it solves people’s problems. No matter if you have the potential of doing great work in short amount of time or a long period of time, focus on what works for a person. If the content is irrelevant, it won’t rank in Google search results. Here is an example:

We are building an AI that helps webmasters to gain new visitors with amazing conversion rates and help publishers get sales. Our team consists of highly skilled developers who can take care of any project in no time.

First Step & How To Improve Your Page Rankings?

To manage to rank better in Google search engines, you need to set goals to increase the number of clicks that bring you visitors and to increase the average monthly visitors by 2%. Before you start optimizing your sites for Google search engine results, make sure that your content is relevant to Google. We have already discussed why you probably don’t want to put keywords related to your brand. Remember the main reason for that: They can bring in thousands of people who never hear of your company. Therefore, Google wants to show similar things to others and will not give you enough places to show your expertise. One place where you can show your knowledge and try to solve people’s problems is through images. Images give your content added value, and you can also include photos in your content to improve its readability. Most importantly, make sure that your content is unique. Make sure you put the following keywords in your head:

·         What does our service does and what makes us different from the rest?

·         What makes our app stand out from the competition and how is our app unique?

·         What features makes you the best choice when it comes to making payments online?

·         How to save money with our mobile application?

·         How to handle customers and their complaints?

·         How quickly you deliver your services?

·         How many customers have you, and how many years of experience of your business?

·         How often do you visit our website?

·         How fast would you respond to my emails?

·         What kind of technology has helped you grow in the industry?

·         What is your job description?

·         What kind of work are you going to do?

·         How many leads do you need in your email list?

·         What benefits does your company provide to the target audience?

·         How far would you go for quality work?

·         What factors contribute to success for the company?

·         What projects have you done before, and any successful projects?

·         What kind of marketing activities do you focus on? What KPIs?

·         How much do you offer, and when do you want to scale?

·         What kind of support you provide?

·         Where do you work, and why did you move to us?

·         What kind of payment methods do you accept?

·         What are the advantages of working with Us?

·         What kind of clients do you have? Why choose us?

·         What are the steps to take before signing the contract?

·         What kind of feedback do you want from me?

What is the purpose of your product, do not hide it. When asked, give an overview of the reasons why you made this decision to join Us. Tell us about the past projects you worked on and what your advice was about it. Share your achievements, and tell us what you wish to accomplish in the next year. Talk about your career and what kinds of jobs you have given importance to each step. Ask us about the projects we want to work on, tell us what kinds of tasks we will be working on, and share some examples of recent successful projects that took place with us. If you have seen someone joining Us, tell someone else about us and tell us about Us. Tell us the story behind US and your family background. Tell about your own childhood during your school life, tell about your education, and how you got interested in computers. Tell us about your friends, family and the friends you made in your life. Tell us something about the company before talking about Us. Show us your experience to become a professional user of our software and show us some useful tutorials that will help Us to become the favorite of all webmasters. Do not just tell us about your personal story. Tell us about your life experiences, work experience and successful projects. We want to work with Webmasters who want to become full-fledged digital marketers.

What Are The Steps That I Will Need To Take In Order To Get More Visitors Of My Website?

What you want is to make sure that the traffic you get through your website is genuine and real and you have the ability to reach your ideal visitors. And we think this is a very difficult task. People are constantly growing in terms of technical abilities. According to statistics, there were 18.6 billion active users in 2017, and the majority of them use smartphones. Today, almost 99% of the world population is connected with the internet. So if you want to attract more visitors to your website, you need to consider your web and mobile development skills. A good understanding of coding is essential to become a developer and a digital marketer now. So before developing your website, have a look at top 3 coding languages and see what languages you need to know about HTML5. Below you can see what language you need to complete.


If you want visitors to visit your website then you need to create a code base for HTML5. And here the word HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and markup means to show the structure. In fact, you can build a complex page of HTML5 code and still, it will not qualify as HTML. Therefore, you need to work with HTML5 before adding CSS, JavaScript, etc.

You need to understand basics of the syntax that will ensure that all your text data will become visible on your server-side. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that the codes you write should be consistent with one another. If for example, you write two things, put those 2 things together and then write the second thing, keep both things and put your second one, then your code will break! It means that even if you work with different companies, or with different technologies, your website will be breaking! So it is advisable, whenever possible, keep your source control open because you can edit code



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